Hi, I'm Johanna!  . . .


It's with great joy that I welcome you to my site. A site designed to bring, and share a love and truth in everyday life.


Over the past ten plus years, after reconnecting to my inner beauty and wisdom, and living that more and more each day, I have discovered that not only do I love writing but that I actually have a lot to say. I love people and treasure the grandness we all have within. I absolutely value expression and know the power of what life can be like when we choose to not hold back our light.


In my blogs I'll be sharing revelations, ponderings, understandings, perspectives and knowings from my lived experiences. My writing comes with a depth from real life, real observations, real communications and real relationships. I'll be covering a range of topics and will be uploading on a regular basis. 

The Joy of this site comes from knowing it is from my lived and developed way of being. One that has blossomed from being caring, connected within, supportive and holding of who we truly are in essence. 


It is with absolute appreciation and adoration that  I thank my very dear and tender husband, and shining daughter, for their daily loving support, care and awesome flavour they each bring. I am forever inspired by their reflections and commitment to live love. I simply cherish the unity and love we have together.


Everything that I live today has been through my own choice and steps - however, I would have never known that this amazingness was possible without the love, reflection, healing and presentations of Serge Benhayon, The Ageless Wisdom, The Way of The Livingness and Universal Medicine. I am forever grateful for his support in lighting the way for me to reconnect to the grandness within and trust in it fully. His support reignited the dedication, love, and commitment I have today, to living the truth of who I am. 

Everything on this site is here to affirm, confirm, cherish, honour and treasure our absolute inner truth and 'spunkiness', and even expose how some of our current societal trends and acceptable norms do not support us living our inner gorgeousness.. 

Enjoy! and hopefully you are inspired . . .  If you are inspired then please freely share and if this site is not for you, simply press the 'x' at the top of the page.



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