Body Connection & Gentle Breath Meditation

Body-Connection Sessions offer us a moment to . . . stop, feel and bring presence to our bodies with some gentle breathing and movements.


When we allow ourselves to remain with our body, we become attuned to what our body is feeling and communicating. With this, we are able to understand what best supports us, our body and our vitality. This is a level of self-care supports us to remain with ourself and be less more equipped to deal with the stressors, anxiousness, overwhelm, emotion and tensions that daily life can bring.

These sessions explore:

  • Practical ways we can strengthen awareness and presence

  • Gentle Breath Meditation and gentle movement

  • Appreciating the 'stop moment' and the support  surrender in movement offers our bodies

  • The  awareness of listening to our bodies 

  • The difference of moving in drive and moving with presence

  • Simple and practical tools, movements and techniques that will support you and your body in everyday life.

Where: TBA

Time: TBA

Day/Dates: TBA

You will need: a chair or a mat, blanket, cushion/pillow and water for hydration

Investment:  No Charge 

Expressions of Interest  :  0406 096 962


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