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Teaching and Parenting go hand-in-hand

August 15, 2017

Parents and teachers both play an equally valuable role in every child’s life. These roles are quite intertwined today, even though we as a society have separated and created these roles to be somewhat different. In-truth there really is no difference between the two. 


Technically teaching today without parenting cannot work, just as parenting without teaching cannot work. Teaching today requires a lot of parenting and without this very needed parenting aspect children are not in a space to truly receive and learn.


Parents teach and teachers parent.  . . It is from birth that life’s education begins and then through our lives, we need to be continually guided by both our teachers and parents. 


What I have come to realize working as a teacher and being a parent is that, what is required in teaching today is very different to 30 plus years ago. The days are gone where we can say parenting is in the home, that it is something that starts from the very early years before and after school, and that education is in school, it is between the hours of 8am-3pm, and is something that starts from Kindergarten and goes through to Year 10/12. Perhaps this was never truly the case but it is even less so now.


Today, it is the reality that many children come to school from being plugged into social media, some without stable family support, without regular family interactions and the very needed parenting that sets an example and gives consistent boundaries. 


In teaching today, a lot of parenting is needed, even though some teachers hold the view that this is not part of their job. The bottom line is . . . Kids need to be reflected to, feel and be supported to understand the importance of simple decency and respect in life. 


So what happens when we bring the unified role of ‘reflection’ and ‘reflecting truth and love’ to teaching and parenting?


Could this mean that the reflection of the way in which teaching and parenting and the activities involved in each one, would have the same level of quality in how they are expressed?


The more these two roles blend as a reflection from a true quality for children, the more children are inspired to bring their greatness to the world. 


Really, there is only one role of - Loving kids and being true reflections for children. 


So how supportive would it be if . . . Parents, parented knowing they do so from an amazing quality and that there is education in their parenting . . . and teachers taught to educate from an amazing quality knowing that there is parenting in their teaching?


It is the responsibility of both parents and teachers, to develop who our children truly are and look after the whole being of each and every child.


This can only be done if we fully embrace that we each bring a flavour of parenting and teaching to every child, while also appreciating that amazing flavours other adults offer children. 


We are all parents and teachers in all that we do - the grand question is . . . How far are we prepared to go to make sure our reflection is a true, inspiring and supportive quality for our future generations?



By Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education (Major Special Needs, Minor Psychology), Graduate Certificate of Early Childhood, Studying Diploma of Counseling, Esoteric Complementary Health Practitioner, Woman, Teacher, Mother, Wife and Friend

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