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Love in Couple Relationships – appreciating my husband.

December 22, 2017


How often do we truly stop each day to appreciate those who we have chosen to be in relationship with, those who we have chosen to be our life partners? . . . And how much do we appreciate them for who they are in truth, for the unique flavour and beauty that they offer us each day from their essence? 


Yes, life can get on top of us at times, but what I am discovering is that when we make life about people, about love, about truth, about appreciating the detail and the quality that we all bring, then the so called ‘life issues’ then feel quite small and are able to be dealt with easily, with a decency, respect and care.


I am discovering that everything can be recovered, resurrected and healed if we are but willing to go there. When we choose love as the foundation and to hold our loved ones with that quality, then life becomes quite amazing. When I speak of love here, I am not referring to the emotional needy love but to love in-truth, the love that is beholding of us for who we are at our deepest level. A wise friend once shared that ‘love always wins’, and to this I today can attest to.


As I reflect on my life I can see that it has been this love that has always been there pulling me to be more, and at times this has meant that when I strayed from this love I have felt the pain of that, the calamity, the life consequences of accepting less than I truly deserve.


Today I appreciate the learning and lessons we have in life, most of which I now understand, we create for ourselves. For without this constant pull to be love, which at times for me has felt like quite an uncomfortable tension, and others beautiful confirmations, I would not have been able to call for, embrace and accept the relationship I am in today.


This blog is an appreciation of my husband and his willingness to go to the depths of what love (the Soul) calls for. He continuously surprises me with his level of openness, and his willingness to deepen the love in himself and in our relationship. I am forever in appreciation and awe of this and I admire that when we each stand unwaveringly in the love that we are, and continue to naturally present more love, our relationships go to another level of truth. When I share my true quality and the love I naturally am, presenting yet another level to go to together, there is not an ounce of resistance in my husband to going deeper. Just as when he also presents a deeper level, I am there saying ‘yes’.


For me, this is the confirmation of how powerful the expression of love is: it is supportive, beholding and asking us to further question, unfold and return to the greatness we are all actually from. Love in it's purity exposes and let's us see everything that is not.


Today I can see the responsibility we all have for the quality we are with ourselves, and what we bring to a relationship. We each play our part in relationships, and it is something that continuously needs to be nurtured from both people, if living in a true relationship is what we are truly seeking. I can also see that when love is the foundation in a relationship and we are held in that care and connection, then there is no room for the uncaring ways, that we see take place between people today.


I feel and appreciate the intimate, fully committed relationship my husband and I have together. We treat each other as equals: we are each unique, we each have our own offerings and strengths in our relationship, just as we have areas we each need support with. Over the years we have together become more aware of these and can see that they actually compliment each other. We are aware of each other’s strengths, sensitivities, ways we can support the other, and the responsibility we each need to take with the loving quality we bring to the other in our relationship.


We are on the path to be all that we can be with each other, all others, and ourselves in every part of our day. This is an appreciation of him and for him, but also of myself, and my deepening commitment to living and being the love that I am in full. For, if I had not supported and developed this within myself I would not be able to fully appreciate it in another.


My husband is gorgeous, tender, sensitive, deeply considerate, unimposing, loving, gentle and super caring. He is a powerhouse. He has the ability to unify and gather people, to relate caringly with them and build strong relationships. He is able to see, feel, nominate, and clearly voice his feelings of how things have played out the way they have. In his essence , he detects the lies and is a truth radar. He is able to acknowledge when he is wrong and to speak about areas he wants to place more loving attention into. And when he comes to the most profound realisations that offer more love, he actions them and lives them to the best of his ability.


These are all qualities that I see and appreciate in him, and ones that he is claiming more and more each day. I totally love his honesty as he chooses to move forward with now bringing appreciation of himself; as he continues to self-care, deepen his relationship with himself and develops an ever-growing presence.


All of this has unfolded with a loving rapidity for us both since we met nearly four years ago. We can both feel our foundation and purpose together and this has supported us throughout the times that we have had to deal with and let go of the areas, patterns, belief systems, expectations and ideals that we had each chosen in the past that simply did not belong with the love that we are within. . . and there were a lot that we had both accumulated. Today we live with our love and care, and continue to nominate and let go of what does not belong with it..


I fully admire him and appreciate the level of love we live each day, always knowing that there us an unending depth for us all to connect to and choose in our way of living.


This is a dedication to the love and openness of my husband, all those who have chosen to make life about love, and the unending love from Our Soul, always calling us to live more of the love we are within.


We are, forever learning and unfolding . . . together.




By Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education (Major Special Needs, Minor Psychology), Graduate Certificate of Early Childhood, Studying Diploma of Counseling, Esoteric Complementary Health Practitioner, Woman, Teacher, Mother, Wife and Friend

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