Supporting the Gold to Be there in Full through Parenting

September 17, 2017

We are well familiar with the wonderment and spunk children can share with us. It seems quite impossible to live in this world and not be touched by it in some way, shape or form. And really how can we not familiar with it on some level – we were all children once upon a time.


There is something magical about the freeness that young children have which brings a natural authority and confidence with it. It has a pure and untouchable quality that comes directly from a deep inner-beauty. I have seen many adults acknowledge the gorgeousness of children with a look of pure joy, an instant melting or a burst of laughter.


Don’t get me wrong, children like all of us, also have their testing and challenging moments where they are not quite themselves. They too can make poor choices or can show moments of stubbornness.


Recently I have been pondering on and appreciating the exquisiteness and power of their true and natural quality. How such ‘little in size’ bodies can feel so big and lovely in presence; and at times soften the most seemingly hardened people simply by being their completely open, unfiltered and transparent selves. The truth is everyone has this within them, even though it seems to be a level of openness that many adults hesitate to share and express with.



This free, exquisite, natural and open quality that we often see in children - is in fact something we are all born with and still hold within, even if we may have not used it for a while.


Today, looking at the state of the world, relationships, the lengths people go to be identified and recognized, it is clear to see that many adults have chosen to leave this inner-beauty to ‘get by’ in the world and to ‘fit in’ to the way the world wants us to be in it. It seems many of us give our power away to everything outside of ourselves by trying to make the outer picture perfect. I wonder if we have done this perhaps as a way to falsely fill the gap between the gorgeousness we all know, felt and left behind as children, to what we live and feel in our bodies today? 


For me, I know I played the ‘get by’ in the world game for many years and am still becoming aware of areas where this plays out in my life. Looking back to once-upon-a-time when I thought I was ‘doing’ everything right in life and ‘ticking all the boxes’, and where life looked pretty great from the outside, I remember that I still had a feeling of emptiness like something was missing . . . I realize now that it was my inner-self, beauty and a deep self-contentment that I was missing dearly. At that time I was not bringing my inner connection to the outer world, instead I was letting the outer world dictate and impose upon how I felt within. Basically I missed the true me, and the bringing of the true me to life . . . So, I do appreciate and cherish the reminder and blessing that children can offer us about our own inner beauty through their freeness and natural connection. 


I do know however, that the more I live true to me, from my inner-wisdom, letting it be my guide, the more I feel deeply content within myself and how I am in the world. This freeness and settlement is something that I once missed, as it is a completely natural way to be.


The fullness and connection children have to their inner-grandness is a beautiful confirmation of the quality of who we all truly are. Children often remind us of what is natural and innate within us all.


And this got me thinking about the importance of appreciating and supporting the gold within children and with everyone really, no matter their age.


We begin life fuller than a full balloon, yet many, through years of slowly letting out the air, end up quite deflated and even popped. How is it that such fullness ends up being not only, not there, but living the absolute opposite of that? What truths are we not living in order to hold that beauty and fullness we all began with and how can we support our children today, to be and hold onto their full balloon throughout their entire life?


For our children today, who are our future generations . . . How could we as adults be now, to allow our children to remain with that inner-beauty that is already there – for them to know they are so grand just for being them?


Could it be as simple as just allowing everything that is already amazingly there to just be and remain there in full as we support them to master skills that are needed to live purposely in the world? Is it as simple as saying ‘You are everything, you are already enough before you learn how to do anything. It is important that you do learn certain things but these things are never to be a measure of your worth or amazingness. Yet you can bring your amazingness, your gold, your spark to everything that you do, simply by living YOU!’


Imagine how the world would be and feel if we all chose to live and be with our amazing inner spunk and connection with each other?


How would life be if we as adults, teachers, parents, uncles, aunties and so on, made our way with children about supporting them to hold their essence and to live it practically in the world. Letting them know that we are all part of the grandness that created the stars and just like the stars we are all here to shine in full, without excuse or calibration.


Really our only job in life is to love as our heart knows how to, reflect the love and light that we are, and bring that in full to everything we do in everyday life including all of our relationships.


If, we are all from the grandness that created the stars, then how far less are we actually living as a society than our grand Multidimensionality and Universality?



By Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education (Major Special Needs, Minor Psychology), Graduate Certificate of Early Childhood, Studying Diploma of Counseling, Esoteric Complementary Health Practitioner, Woman, Teacher, Mother, Wife and Friend


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