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Trusting our Expression in Relationships

December 23, 2017

In relationships it is important that we are open and honest with our loved ones. Part of being open and honest is sharing and expressing from ourselves in full, while also holding the other with a deep respect, love and care.


I have discovered that the more I offer myself moments to connect to my body, let myself beware how I am feeling, and give myself time to deepen the connection to my essence, I offer myself more of a solid foundation and known quality of who I am . . . thus a clearer and deeper knowing to express from.


Today I am appreciating the importance of expressing from my essence within my relationship with my husband. A couple of years ago that my husband and I began conversations around the importance of expressing fully to one another, as another beautiful way to keep developing our relationship together.


We both agreed that on some level we had previously held back from expressing freely with each other and that we didn’t want to do that anymore because we love one another. We agreed that it was important that we just express what we are feeling, no matter what the other may think, so that we could develop the trust to allow a point or conversation to unfold as it needs to, even if we may have no real end point initially in sight. And at the same time we both agreed it was super important to each take responsibility for expressing lovingly with the other. We both knew that honest discussions, while holding the love for each other, would naturally allow the conversation to unfold for us to get to what felt true.  We also came to the understanding that it was totally okay to disagree along the way.


At that point decided that we could be completely open and honest with each other, knowing that we are still unified as a couple and love each other dearly, even though we knew that sticky issues could come up and feelings would need to be shared that may make us feel uncomfortable times. Today, I look back at the support this offered us and appreciate the effort we put into this a couple of years ago. I can see how it was the foundation that we freely share every detail and feeling with each other openly so. And how this sharing now allows us to support each other and appreciate each other to no end.


The most beautiful part of all of this is that after only a few days of putting our ‘honest and open expression’ this into practice, we were easily able to speak and share about topics that felt like we were addressing ‘a few elephants in the room’ and the most amazing level of love, support and appreciation was then expressed from both of us towards the other.


Being able to do this at that time allowed me to feel an enormous amount of trust: in other people, in a deep and intimate relationship with a heart-felt and beautiful man and in myself. I was able to see how we can often get in the way of what is naturally there to be shared from within, and that we all have this level of love in us just waiting to be expressed. This at that time set a new marker for me, not only in my relationship with my husband, but with the way I relate to others. And from there that marker has just continued to expand.


 I deeply appreciate today how when we choose to be in connection with ourselves and trust our essence, we have all the tools to love and to relating to others that we will ever need, at our fingertips.


Following on from this truer and deeper way we chose to relate to each other, he wrote me the most beautiful letter. Through his letter I got to appreciate the ripple effect that:

  • choosing to be living from my essence had on him from the very beginning of our relationship

  • the effect I have on all those I encounter in my work, my friends and family and on the street when I am simply my true self, expressing from my essence

  • how much can be worked through quickly when we choose to make it about love

  • being honest, expressing it as it is for us, and expressing at the time it is needed

  • how much he sees, feels, hears, observes, appreciates and adores me.


Much has unfolded for me and those around me after this particular experience and I feel:

  • a deeper relationship with myself and my husband that I can trust unwaveringly

  • a greater level of connection and ease in the way I relate to others

  • an appreciation for how open people can be when we are open ourselves

  • the astounding ripple effect that relating to others in a true way has

  • the unity and an equal-ness between people

  • a trust in humanity and the fact that deep down we all want the same thing – Love

  • the power of expressing from the heart

  • that it is okay to agree or disagree – that it is more about expressing.


Through making the choice of developing a deeper relationship with my essence, much has unfolded for me through the amazing experiences and moments I had with my husband when we both stepped up, let barriers and protections and false thoughts go . . .  and allowed the connection to our essence to naturally happen.


I appreciate the power of our essence and have an unwavering knowing that we are actually equipped to handle any situation and bring the greatest level of love and truth to it, when we choose to stay with ourselves, our essence.



By Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education (Major Special Needs, Minor Psychology), Graduate Certificate of Early Childhood, Studying Diploma of Counseling, Esoteric Complementary Health Practitioner, Woman, Teacher, Mother, Wife and Friend


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