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Supply and Demand - What about the Truth?

September 10, 2018

Sensationalised journalism, news reporting and the like offer us a reflection of what we as a society are demanding.  Supply and demand affects everything in this world - if there is no demand then there will be no supply. It literally applies to everything.


When we consider the mass volume of reported and consumed news through the medium of newspapers, that which is watched on television and through social media daily, it feels imperative to ask a couple of questions:

      What is it, that we are actually consuming?   

      What are we over and over again, continuing to ask for?


From what I see, our world today is set up today to entertain, to distract and to position life, people and events in the either the right or wrong basket. It is not about truth. We, as a global society, no longer seek the truth of matters and do not foundationally base our perception of life from the point of truth and untruth. 


Even though we all know truth deep down, each and every one of us has in some way contributed to this fact, whether we can consciously admit to it or not. We all have a role, a responsibility to play in how our world is as a collective whole. 


If we each chose to bring truth to every facet of our lives, our relationships, our interactions, the things we create and the way we are, then that which is untrue would have no place to exist. However, if we are complacent, stand back, do not get involved, have an ‘it’s nothing to do with me’ attitude, or do not want to take responsibility, are reserved, are happy to act on only a functional level in life and in relationships; then we allow a way of being in society, that is rotten to the core and for it to have an open road to continue and extend itself.


It is fair to say that our level of decency, respect and care in life with ourselves and others has taken quite a plummet over the last century or so. Evidently, this is reflected in our media platforms, our journalistic manner and the cyber abuse that has very little consequences or rules to uphold that which we have already established and agreed upon in our physical interactive world. 


The fact is, we are actually choosing and even enjoy sensationalised, tantalising media and news reporting instead of calling for the simple facts and truth in life and allowing it to expose the rot for what it is. The news and social media platforms allow us to know about issues from an emotional, elated view, whether they are the truth or not. What does this actually say about us as a whole? It is the elation, emotional aspect and the sensationalism that we have become familiar with and accepted. 


News makes us think we are informed thus we feel included in life with this information. We can even talk about it, as part of this distraction and circulate the story to just regurgitate it. However, in-truth, the way news is delivered today, it does not require us to stand up, call us to account, inspire us to make changes that eliminate the rot or invite us to take true responsibility, especially energetic responsibility, in all aspects of life. News today, simply spreads what is happening along with the misperceived, reinterpreted manner and emotion, it is delivered with.


The way our media is today allows us to remain distracted from living life, from taking responsibility for our own quality and the how we bring the what we bring to life. I mean, why do we need to bother with that when we have much worst things to focus on, talk about and distract ourselves and take focus away from how we are in the world? When in actual fact it is our quality, what we establish as our foundation and in our life, in our relationships, the decency and respect we live with, that then filters out to lay the format for how the rest of life plays out - not the other way round.


It feels highly imperative to ask as a society, as a growing world population . . . why is this so? The way our media platforms are, may be something we complain about but something we a still asking for, similar to that of the obesity crisis affecting such countries as America and Australia and England to name a few. Even though, we still buy pizza, soft drink and feed packaged food to our kids. The issues we all complain about and do not like to see and feel, especially when they come knocking on our own door, are the very ones we have been investing in. It’s a simple case of supply and demand. And one that we are constantly choosing until we decide otherwise.


Let’s consider . . .

  • How much do we do about bullying and cyber abuse if we are not directly bullied?

  • How much do we care about the climbing rates of illness and disease both physical and mental, or focus on what causes it and those affected by it, unless we or those close to us are affected?

  • How much do we do and work towards eliminating the inequality in the world? There is a vast difference between those who have nothing to those who have too much to list?

  • How much do we care about someone’s character being defamed or the lies created to do so and the impact that has in all areas of their life?

  • How much do we care about the rate of suicide and self-harming behaviour, self-abusive behaviour and the why people get to that desperate state of seeing no other way?

  • How much do we care about neglect, physical, mental abuse and domestic violence unless it is in our face knocking on our door - often people will walk past such incidences, pretending it hasn’t happened.

  • How much do we care about the atrocities such as human slavery, human trafficking, child labour, and torture in some places - and the fact these behaviours are condoned in parts of the world?

  • How much do we care about the way the courts, the family court and the way law and justice is served in our world unless we feel unjustly done by?

  • How often are we happy to sit back and listen or view about the latest dilemma in a celebrities life when there are people in our world who do not have running water or plumbing?

  • Do we think twice about the homeless person sitting on the street and how they got there or even the young children who may seem to be unaccompanied on a train or bus port?

  • How much do we care about the natural corrections that some areas face and the people in those areas, and consider our impact and contribution on the earth that such corrections need to take place?

  • How much do we question, care about or want to take a stand against the actual rot that takes place in our world, the what we know is not true, decent, equal and of true good - in the moments right in front of us to the issues going on in another country?


How much goes by around us that we simply do not want to take part in, get involved in or even enquire about and voice our position about to another, as a way to start the conversation? These examples are but a few of many more that currently exist in our world today. However, the common thread among them all is that they exist. And they will continue to exist as long as the majority of the population, sit back, relax, and allow them to keep existing by not saying a word or showing any different way of being. 


How far will we fall as a whole before we are forced to do something that makes true change? Will it be to the point that that everyone experiences these atrocities on some level so that we all have to stand up and take a stand against them together or will we wake up and understand there is another way of speaking up, living truth and love in the smallest areas of our life; that actually affects the whole and sets a standard.  Time will tell and as always, will reflect all of our choices.



By Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education (Major Special Needs, Minor Psychology), Graduate Certificate of Early Childhood, Diploma of Counseling, Esoteric Complementary Health Practitioner, Woman, Teacher, Mother, Wife and Friend




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